Introduction to Mythology
By: Katie Foreman
May 20, 2014

You might wonder, what exactly is mythology? Well, mythology is a collection of many myths. Myths tell stories including people's values. They were entertaining and explained proper human behavior. Mythology comes from different cultures and usually includes ancient traditions. Being religious is often a trait in myths, sometimes, myths are designed to be magical.

Hermes (Roman name-mercury)

Hermes is one of my favorite gods because not only is he intelligent, but he is also a prankster. Hermes' job was the messenger of the gods and he delivered the dead souls to the underworld. The reason the gods chose him to be the messenger is because he was very trustworthy. He could hold any secret you gave him. Hermes was Zeus's youngest son and his mother was the goddess Maia. He was so smart that on the day he was born, he created the first lyre. Hermes' appearance consisted of magic flying sandal with wings on them, an invisibility helmet with wings on it, and his caduceus, which is his staff with two wings wrapped around.


The tatzelwurm, A.K.A. the "tunnel worm" or "the jumping worm", is a mythical creature rumored to live in a couple different places in Europe. The tatzelwurm is part cat, part snake. It's front is cat, with two legs, and the back is a snake (no legs), and it is covered in scales. It's small, but deadly. Tatzelwurm fumes are poisonous and if a human were to just breathe in it's breath, the human would die.

King Tantalus

The myth of King Tantalus goes like this... Once upon a time there was a king that everyone adored! His name was King Tantalus. But, King Tantalus was very greedy and he only liked himself.  He was so greedy that he thought if he could trick the gods into doing something horrible, everyone will lose respect for them, and only love me! So, he invited the gods over for dinner, the main course was his son that he killed. He had these evil hopes of all the embarrassing things he gods would do, but of course, they saw right through him. They did not eat the dinner, in fact, the brought his son back to life! The gods also punished King Tantalus by putting him in an apple tree, and every time he would try to get an apple, they would put it out of his reach. The moral of this story is, don't be greedy. Don't just think about yourself because nothing good comes out of that!

Modern day connections

Ancient mythology has many connections to today, but one that I noticed that is very recent is from the Katy Perry song, Dark Horse. Dark Horse was by far one of the most popular songs for a good 2 months. One of the most popular lines from that song is, "Make me your Aphrodite, make me your one and only". Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, and she is still talked about today by the most famous singer/song-writers!

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