Ariana S.

6th period

September 8, 2014

My Rockin' Summer

A week in the mountains

"A brave man who ate the first mountain oyster" - The Big Texan

^ a river we drove by on our jeep tour ^

   Though it may seem living in the high mountains in Ouray, Colorado sounds fun, It wasn't, I should know, (I spent a whole week in the mountains,) It was more exiting and beautiful then you would expect. On the long ride from fort worth to Ouray wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Trekking up the mountains to have picnic sounds beautiful, and it was; It had a beautiful view at the river flowing gracefully below. The only down side to that is the air there is very thin, so it isn't too easy to breath while you eat your sandwich. But other than the thin air, a picnic in the mountains is quite tranquil. We also went on a jeep tour high in the mountains. The jeep drove through rivers, mountains, valleys, and rocks. I was sitting on the outside left of the jeep, and my mom and my sister huddled in the middle of my dad and I. The cold, long, bumpy ride up the mountain was worth the view, though you cold barely see anything through the fog, the high middle was the most beautiful view because you could see all of the ice and leftover snow from the winter, you could also see all of the beautiful wildflowers below us, and above us you could see the elk grazing.

^ a mild road we drove on in Ouray ^

^ a map of Colorado ^

My favorite activity: waking up somewhere new every day

My favorite place to be: I loved waking up in the little city of Ouray, Colorado

My favorite people to see: I liked waking up to my mom making breakfast and my dad sitting quietly

My favorite show to watch: Friends

My favorite moment: My favorite moment was when we went on the jeep tour

My favorite song to listen to: Problem by Ariana Grande