Flat broke
by:Gary paulsen

project by: Loren .H


     This is about Kevin and how he recovers from losing all his money and allowance from lying to many people.

     Kevin, a teenage boy, has started to win back money and trust after he got busted and everyone found out how much he had lied, than his parents took away his allowance money. than he started multiple business such as a poker game and cleaning out garages. although after a while all his businesses  started faltering, his poker game was stopped by teenagers because they didn't like wasting there money because he was better than them at it. and his garage cleaning was stopped because he was just putting all their stuff in a dumpster down the street. in the end of the story he decides that he will try  again to make money.


     Kevin throughout the story stumbles upon, neighborhood houses, an alleyway, school, Kevin house, his office, and the kid that he is babysitting house.


     I believe that the bad person/ villain in the story is the teenage boys that attempted to close his poker game.


     The main character is Kevin, and the  secondary characters are, Markey the kid he babysitting, Sam, and his best friend.

     I would recommend this to a friend as a quick read because a lot of things happen in nearly every chapter. i would rate this book a 6/10

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