Insanity Day 2

Have a good partner

Whenever you start a new big project, doesn't it help to have a helper? It is only day 2 of insanity but it has been a long year of learning how to really help my SO. (& him learning too)

Now we are relearning how to eat together, & even after only the fit test, we are both sore and tired. It helps to have him encourage me to do just one more, drink my water, & go through the huge change in what we eat..flaxseed? Eww! (I do hope I learn to like that shit).

He makes it fun to try new things and when you make mistakes you have someone to help get you going again. I couldn't do this without my partner, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Just finished the first real workout and OMG I am exhausted. I couldn't even get through the whole thing, but I am proud of how much I actually did do. I am definitely going to need to invest in some better sports bras as I kept getting slapped in the face LOL.

Time to take a hot shower!

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what happened with these?

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i was reading your updates