About the book

This book is about how a boy who found is calling, it wasn't right away that this delinquent 13 year old actually found what he loved. It all started when Jake Semple burned down his middle school with gasoline and a lighter. That was after his parents got sent to jail because they tried to sell Marijuana to an officer off duty which they had grown in their basement. After this Jake was sent to a home school academy run by the Applewhites at Wits End. This school was named " The Creative Academy". All of the Applewhites had a talent except one her name was E.D. She was nothing like her family.The youngest Applewhite, Destiny after meeting Jake wants to be just like him, with spikes in his hair and cool. Since E.D loves school so much she decied to teach Destiny, so she starts doing the Butterfly project with him and that in the end of the book the butterflies play an important part. Later in the book E.D's father is offered to do his take on " The Sound of Music " that is until his whole crew quits. The family is forced to work to make the play happen. Also with a new guest in the house who wants to do a documentary on them and their amazing talents. During the play Jake sees his calling is acting and it had always been.

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