Burger King Onion Rings Sparked A Taser And Knife Fight!

By Mia

Photo Citation: http://www.vice.com/read/burger-king-wants-to-buy-tim-hortons destroy-canada-436

A New Mexico man is sewing Burger King, an extremely popular fast food restaurant after he says a manager of BK attacked him over complaining of cold onion rings. Reporters explained that Robert Deyapp, the  victim of the incident complained of a cold order, got attacked, and then sewed the manager and many different Burger Kings. After the manager, Francisco Berrera, attacked an innocent customer, at court Barrera pleaded guilty to besieging Robert Deyapp. Reporters also identified the weapons used in the case.       Berrera used a stun gun and a switchblade and threatened to hurt Deyapp. When the police arrived, Barrera was arrested for hurting the customer. One year later Robert Deyapp sewed BK and the manager. Next, this Burger King problem will continue where it left off. After Robert sewed the popular restuarant.

Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2788425/robert-deyapp-sues-burger-king-manager-attacked-stun-gun.html