Boggs Family Demographics

The Legend of the Legendary

The Boggs family originates in Wales. Now, we reside in little Logansport. This little town of Logansport lies in the belt of rust that spans America. Although one might not believe it, Logansport has been a site for industry, even today. With such businesses like CalCom, Matthew Warren, Fastenal, Small Parts, Tube Fabrication, EIS Fibercoating, and more, our town does belong in the rust belt. And we can't forget Logansport's little gem, Fiberglass Freaks, the only DC licenses 1966 replica Batmobile producer in the world. My parents' jobs could not be any more different. My dad works as a technical engineer at CalCom, working on electronics all day long. In the evenings, he also heads to the Batcave to make blinking, beeping, Bluetooth Batphones. On the other hand, my mother is a Licensed Practical Nurse at the McKinney House Assisted Living Campus where she cares for the residents with a passion rarely seen in her field. As for myself, I don't have a regular job. I mainly mooch off of my parents, but I will work the odd job at the Batcave when necessary. My father came from the Cleveland area from the small town of Columbia Station, Ohio. After high school, he enlisted into the Air Force straight away, like many young men did. He is still able to be a marvelous electronics technician despite not having formal schooling. My mother has resided in Logansport her entire life. After high school, she went to Ball State for a few years. It wasn't until the early 2000s that she realized she wanted to be a nurse, so she began her Ivy Tech courses and finished them. Her schooling was a challenge for her because she is legally deaf, so her school administrators mad to find alternate ways to go about teaching and testing her. Like most of you, we live in this not-exactly-suburban-but-not-quite-rural area. For most of our time in this area, we have resided in the city, but we long for the open air of the country. Religiously, we are members of the Church of Christ. Our political view has been shaped by our backgrounds in many ways. With my father's Air Force background, he's inclined to vote with supporters of the armed forces. Being hearing impaired, my mother is inclined to vote with supporters of people with disabilities. With their religious background, my parents are more likely to vote conservative. As for me, I have taken my own political view from that of my parents. Being in the age of mass media accessibility, I have been able to see how politics are affecting our nation and our world. In addition, it is partially my own experiences that have affected my views. I believe that love is love and that anyone should have the right to marry whomever they love. It is from things like this they my viewpoint has changed to be more liberal than my parents'.

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