If you want to know more about horses or you’re getting a horse read on, there are many types of horses. They all are great, you can play with them and you might want to be careful….. They might bight.


This (horses) is a topic that is good to know, even if you just want to know about how to take care of horses, health and other things. Read on!

Types of horses

There are many types of horses, buck skin, Tennessee walker, paint, mustang, appaloosa, red roan, blue roan, dapple, and palomino. There are mixed breeds, too. They all are unique, all different colors, all beautiful.


The care that you need to take care of a horse is they need is they need to be brushed every day or so especially during the summer. They need to get there shot and make sure they got there two teeth poled out where there bite goes .They need to be feed once every day or so accept during the summer they have grass and don’t have to be feed as much like one or two day and then feed them. During the winter they need hay and they still need feed but hay too. Their water always needs to be filled.


You always need to be careful when you are around a horse. They have sneak attacks they can turn around and bit you. Never go be behind a horse. They will get confused and kick you and start to buck. You will get hurt and it will not feel good. Never run up to a horse because they will freak.


Horses are amazing creatures and heave been around for ever. They do have a few health and care things you need be aware of but doesn’t mean they are hard to take care of. Horses are real easy to take care of. And fun to they will always be happy to see you!


Hay: a type of grass buck: kick their legs high

Paint: a solid color

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