Robert Harris

Photography Portfolio

Hidden Territory

This is a little area that has concealed itself behind a cul-de-sac of Warren Park in Hewitt Texas.


A shot of a multitude of branches emerging off of a few trees.


'Cause who ever says, "Hey, I've had enough branches for one day."

Landscape, don't h8

The beauty portrayed by mother nature at this moment was so intensely aesthetic that it was impossible to resist the chance to capture the moment.

Grassy Delights

This close up of a few blades of grass resulted in not only a pair of dirty hands and knees, but also a great shot of nature.

Hose on the ground

Just a shot of a water hose that was lying in some grass.

t R i P p Y

Enjoy this photo for 8-10 seconds at a time, but don't spend an extended period of time looking at it, or you'll surely get dizzy!

A shot of a shot

A picture of a person taking a picture.

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