The Story of Paul Bunyan
McKenzie Roberts
Core 1

Paul Bunyan is Americas best known folk hero. In 1922 Charles E. Brown  a man who gathered tales about Paul Bunyan summarized Paul as a made up seven foot tall lumber jack who had lots of physical strength. People say his lung capacity was so great he called his men to dinner by blowing into a hollow tree. Then Charles said sometimes when he talked limbs fell from trees. Paul Bunyan apparently dug up Lake Superior and had a logging camp there during the winter of blue snow. Paul Bunyan had a big blue ox named Babe that was just as strong as him. In conclusion, Paul Bunyan and Babe are just strong made up characters that are passed down from generation to generation.

Questions on page 1077

1- according to Sandburg, the origin of Paul Bunyan stories is Wisconsin. Sandburg means some of the stories by Paul Bunyan are old and some aren't.

2- Two actions that say Paul Bunyan is strong and clever are Paul Bunyan hauled white snow from China. Also he dug up Lake Superior.Paul Bunyan was a 7 foot tall lumberjack which means he was very strong. These characteristics relate to the myth of a heroic character because he was strong and the story was all about him.

3- Paul Bunyan stopped the rain by diving into lake superior and swimming to where a solid pillar of water was coming down. then he dived under the pillar, swam up into it and climbed with powerful swimming strokes. The story tells me life in the mid-west in the 19th century was hard and that there were many harsh weather conditions.

4- No, i dont think the Paul Bunyan story was based on a real person. A crazy person in todays world might make up a story like this.

5- a lumberjack wouldve been a hero in frontier america because people need wood and lumberjacks cut the wood. Paul Bunyan shares with todays heroes that he is dedicated to what he does and does it well.

Theme: A person who is different can still love their life.

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