Everyday Human Reality

The first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is something called personal hygiene. Which includes a shower or washing your face. A shower is taken with water and you wash your hair and body with something called shampoo and body wash. Another thing that is considered personal hygiene is brushing your teeth. The way you brush your teeth is with something called a toothbrush. It is a utensil that you put toothpaste on to make your teeth clean. Other things to get ready in the morning is brush your hair, get dressed, and eat breakfast. The way you get dressed is with something called clothes. They are things that you put on your body to be warm. The amount of clothes you wear is varied on the weather outside.

The next step in my human life is going to school. School is something kids ages 5-18 go to everyday for more than half of the year. School is made up of classes and teachers that teach the students. In our schools we have 5 separate classes that we go to each day. There are many different types of classes. My first class of the day is Us History. Us history is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. It gives us the events that happen in our world today such as politics, our government, etc. My second class is precalculus. That is a math class that is a course with college-level algebra and Trigonometry that is designed to prepare students for the study of calculus . It is very complex math that takes a lot of practice. My third class is English. English is a class that you read, write stories, and work on complex sentences that need to be corrected. Then i have Volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that includes a ball and a net. It involves 6 people on a court at a time playing against another team.

After school i got back home. Home is a place where humans sleep, eat, and interact as a family. When i get home i usually eat something then I watch tv, and then go back to sleep. Then your day starts over and it is a repeated cycle.

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