Chose creation over consumption for just one day.

Our hands are meant to make,

Our minds meant to engineer.

Our daily suffering is due to imbalance.

We no longer

Bring into fruition

The material manifestation of our dreams.

We drink what’s given to us,

Eat what lands on our plate,

And dishonor a deep need.

Years pass us by,

Habits form and fear insidiously

Dictates our thoughts.

We are yet a fraction

Of a dream once imagined.

The scales tip

Weighted by inaction and passivity.

The only remedy,

Is to shed this old skin,

And honor the creation of ones self.

We share with the world,

That which we value

Deep within our self.

And to leave that undiscovered,

Unshaped and without nurture,

Is why we have nothing to give.

And what is the point

Other than to offer the bounty

Of that which we discover

And value within our selves

To the world?