Advice and Gratitude

I'm grateful for-

1. Having a older brother that can take care of me.

2. Having two wonderful grandparents that look after me and I spend a lot of time with them.

3. I'm grateful for my parents who provide me with food,clothes, and for a roof over my head.

4. Another thing that I am grateful for is for all my teachers through out every school I went to and for the teachers who did a really good job teaching.

3 pieces of advice

1. I remember my mom telling me that if you were picked on at school, it was always best not to react.

2. Some advice that my dad told was That don't look back keep on going.

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3 years ago

Overall, solid ideas, Nick, although the advice should have one more piece. Lovely gratitude list. Use the features on tackk to personalize your posts.