Singapore is continuously improving itself in terms of business, tourism and architecture. People have been giving the impression on Singapore of being high cost in living, which just fits and justifies the expensive and royal look of Singapore’s surroundings. There are a lot of activities and establishments one can do in its different busy stretch of avenues and boulevards. You can start with Singapore’s Central Business District and be amazed with the number of high- rise buildings everywhere. Some buildings in the country are quite entertaining you would wonder who is the creative signage maker Singapore behind them.

To familiarize you with the country’s great infrastructures, check out this list of some of the popular buildings in Singapore:


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The famous Marina Bay Sands consists of three 57- storey towers of hotel rooms and suites. This redefines the Singapore skyline experience plus the beautiful resort developed by Las Vegas Sands. Marina Bay Sands holds a five star hotel, a casino, a museum, a theatre and top boutique brands. Its Sands SkyPark is famous for the infinity- edged swimming pool that beautifully overlooks the horizon. The Marina Bay Sands building is inspired by a deck of cards, which explains its structure.


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This over 126 years hotel is named after the founder of modern Singapore named Stamford Raffles. You can choose from this 5 star hotel’s different luxurious suites: Courtyard Suites, Grand Hotel Suites, Palm Court Suites, Personality Suites, Presidential Suites or Raffles Inc. State- room Suites. The building’s colonial interior is a sure win to travelers, and even to writes like Ernest Hemmingway and Alfred Hitchcock. The Raffles Hotel has now expanded to Cambodia, Paris, Beijing, Seychelles, Makati, Makkah and Dubai.


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This world- class performing arts center has attracted many mainly because of its beautiful two rounded frames with over seven thousand glass sunshades. Even the best signage supplier Singapore will be astonished with its grand illusion in the skyline. Many have compared it to the Durian fruit, and what an elegant looking Durian that is! Esplanade holds a one thousand six hundred Concert Hall where international music artists would regularly perform. It also has a Theatre Studio, Recital Studio, a visual art exhibition space and even an Outdoor Theatre.


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Another five star luxury hotel, The Fullerton Hotel is admired by its white columns as if looking at the façade of the white house. It was originally called General Post Office Building and is also a member of Historic Hotels Worldwide. The Fullerton Hotel offers two great dining experience to choose from: the Handcrafted Cocktails at The Clifford Pier with the romantic al fresco terrace, and the St. Tropez Sundays at Lantern and enjoy their grilled meats like Wagyu and Lamb Chops while dancing beside the pool with the DJ’s music.