By Autumn Turner

Campylobacter, is a bacterium that sometimes causes abortion in animals and food poisoning in humans. (Campylobacter species are typically spiral-shaped.)

The symptoms of campylobacter include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, and vomiting; diarrhea may be bloody, the duration of this illness is two to ten days. If the food poisoning becomes severe, other life-long illnesses may appear.

To prevent campylobacter or any food poisoning illnesses always cook meat to the correct temperatures. Never try to wash raw meats or poultry, this only spreads bacteria and increases the chance of getting food poisoning. Keep all raw meats and poultry away from all other foods, and never drink raw or unpasteurized milk.

If a person is infected, they must drink plenty of fluids. In which case they are not able to drink to prevent dehydration, it is very important to contact a doctor. If the person is seen by a doctor in the early stages of the illness it is possible they can be given antibiotics which can shorten the duration of the symptoms.

The video above titled "Campylobacter Explained by Marler Clark Food Poisoning Attorney Dave Babcock", explains exactly what campylobacter is, how it is spread and the symptoms.

The video "The truth about Campylobacter", tells the story of two victims and how they still deal with life-long illnesses caused by Campylobacter.

Campylobacter is found in raw and undercooked poultry, unpasteurized milk,  and contaminated water. This illness is one of the most common causes of food poisoning in the United States.

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