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Happiness is experimenting in the kitchen & specializing one's own taste ! :) :)

More than a Hobby- Its'a NEED

Kitchen - the Cooking Laboratory
A term although one could less associate with a man, however, a man can definitely find kitchen as a secret place to his happiness.

Vegetarian - there is enough in Veg
Although nowadays, people who are pure vegetarians are decreasing in number, still the varieties that one can have in Veg is limitless and delightful.

Why to cook ?
No-one can better satisfy your hunger and needs than your self. It is best if you learn it earliest. The aroma of spices, the sweetness of ingredients, the delightful recipes, mouth-watering taste,  the happiness in serving - are all unbeatable ! You just can't miss it :P

The experiments that you can make here are un-match-able. Experience this feeling sometime than the traditional way of ordering food & eating out. Cooking is Fun !! :)

Beginner's Dishes - Veggie Delights

What can one cook who newly enters the kitchen ?

1. Maggi, Coffee, Popcorn - the efforts for preparing these are bare minimum and the time required is also quite less. Hence this can be served as a quick breakfast.

2. Panchamrita -  this is a semi-liquid mix that serves good energy complimenting a breakfast, provided you take it in adequate quantity.
As the name speaks, it is a mix of 5 ingredients, as listed in the pic. Just have the right combination of milk & sugar for it to taste amazing. Have rest ingredients in small quantities. This is also a popular drink serves as "thirtha" in temples after doing Äbhishekam to God with the same mentioned ingredients. Additionally, honey & coconut water are also added, if available.

3. Dosa - Get the liquid flour from the nearest shop & you are ready to just boil the liquid to get variety of dosas with amazing shapes.
Pour the liquid on the tava in a circular shape, keep it as thin as possible. Add oil to ensure smooth release of dosa from tava. Have the flame appropriate to ensure crispness, cover with a lid for optimum utilization of natural resources. Now once it is ready, you can either just spread some masala powder on it to have "Open Dosa", else fold it to have "Close Dosa", roll it to make "Masala Dosa", add butter to decorate & call "Butter Dosa", shape it into triangle & pour ghee to call "Ghee Triangle Dosa" or even lift it upwards & bring it into cone shape to call "Topi/Cone Dosa". One can also make small-small random shapes of dosas' that the kids like and call it as "Mini Dosas"

Once you are done experimenting with above, you clear the beginner level and become an intermediate practitioner at Kitchen and now you can try out,
4. Upma - Ghee upma
5. Rice varieties - like tomoto rice, lemon rice, onion rice, curd rice
6. Plain Rasam / Tomoto Rasam

After spending sufficient time in the kitchen and practising the above, now you can start cutting vegetables. By now, you would have learnt to control crying while cutting onions. To reduce eye-strain while cutting onions, one can peal off the onion papers and dip it in water for a while before cutting. Although this doesn't guarantee you, it will surely lessen your tears :P

7. Mix vegetable Upma,
8. Sambar
9. Veg Friend Rice/Pulav/Biriyani
10. Pongal  -
can now be experimented.

You can certify yourself as a ''good cook'' only after the below criteria are met:
* once you try out all these, serve it to your friends & family & have it yourself,
* the ones you serve should be able to eat it fully whatever you have served,
* you should be complimented by them & asked to serve them again next time,
* you & they should be in normal condition after eating the food ;)

Note: Once your cooking & eating is complete, ensure you also learn washing the used utensils & cleaning up the kitchen - making kitchen look as clean & neat a place to be again !

Happy Reading, Happy Eating,
Happy Cooking, Happy Serving!

Ps : Check out more of my cooking pics in the album link:

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