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For France

The year is 1573. My Queen, I am from Austria, your home country, I have come to propose a request for a grant to go on an exploration. I come to France in your honor. Your majesty, Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France. Your highness, King Charles IX of France, If you wish for gold, riches, and new land, that you shall get. I will also bring, Riches, Gold, Valuable Resources, Jewels, Precious Stone, and New Land. England and Spain are no match, for the French. I have come to show that you don’t have to be a noble to be rich and wealthy and accomplished,  but also for money to feed my poor, starving children. I will take my exploration to the mid-center of the new land. Though most explorers are looking for just gold and riches, I want much more. I hope we can get along, but I am prepared to fight in the honor of you my queen and you my king. If I encounter a sea monster, dread the thought, I will launch my canons and destroy the beast, helping further exploration for France. There will be no disease, I will require a plentitude of food for all, and water will be boiled under heat. I also will request guns weapons and supplies  to start the new land. Please deeply consider my request to help all of France.

The riches that await you!

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3 years ago

Very interesting, if I were you Elisabeth, I would say yes.
-Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain