White House Fence Jumper

This is Omar Jose Gonzalez, the man charged with jumping the white house fence.


White House fence jumper Omar Jose Gonzalez was carrying 2 sniper rifles, a machete, 2 hatchets, a sawed-off shotgun and several hundred rounds of ammunition.  He was already charged with the felony of eluding the police, but the charges were dropped this summer.  Luckily President Obama and family had left 10 minutes before this incident.  Due to this breach, the first of its kind, there has been an increase in foot patrols around the whit house.

Ideals Related:

Rights and Liberty.

Rights was represented wrongly through bearing arms, although it is one of the first amendments to the constitution, it was not meant for people to walk around carrying high caliber weapons.  Liberty is also related.  People who have recently been charged with a felony should not be able to freely walk into a gun store and buy several hundred rounds of ammo and multiple weapons.  There should at least be some sort of background check from security before you sell to someone.

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