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Chartering a skippered yacht in Croatia is in many ways different than a bareboat yacht charter. It is a laid back holiday where the sailing experience comes as an interesting originality without the stress and danger that comes with the harvesting of wind’s abundant power. With power yachts it is similar; the responsibility of handling an expensive and powerful machine is substituted with the luxury of a carefree vacation by skippered yacht charter.

Skippered yacht charter in Croatia or chartering a skippered yacht has many advantages; skippers are mostly familiar with the boat type. The safety deposits do not change when a skipper is present but you are no longer liable for potential damages that may occur during navigation. Your deposit covers potential damages caused by you alone: broken plates, glasses, doors, damaged equipment and so on. In the high season, marinas and ports are overcrowded and if you need a berth, the skipper will know when to be at the marina to ensure one. Even if you don’t get a berth in the marina, the skipper will know alternative ports with commercial berths. Also, when anchoring out for the night, it is important to know the local winds and where the anchor holds best. By using a skippered yacht charter the skipper will not only ensure the safety of crew and boat, he or she will also advise in choosing the best sailing route, places most interesting to visit and restaurants that best match your requirements. If an emergency should arise, the skipper will know what to do and who to contact in respect to your location, to get the fastest response, much more efficient then when using the usual channels.

There are some facts to also keep in mind; a skipper needs three meals a day and enough to drink. He or she needs a place to sleep and time to rest. If a berth is, for any reason not available, the skipper can sleep in the salon if it can be transformed into a sleeping area by lowering the salon table. When this is the case, consider the salon his/her private area and allow the skipper enough time to sleep. When dining out you can invite the skipper to join you, you can ensure that he has a proper meal on board or he/she can go out to eat by him/her self and you can cover the check afterwards.

Marina fees must sometimes be paid right after docking or just the boat’s papers are given to the harbor master and then the fee is paid the next morning before departure. In both cases, take care that the skipper has enough money to cover the cost or do it yourself at the skipper’s or harbor master’s request. Regarding the maintenance of the boat; a skipper will clean up after him self but he cannot clean up after the whole crew. Help him keep the boat clean and you will enjoy it more. For more..

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