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A surgeon will report to the "General surgeon" who is the leading surgeon in the operation and oversees it all.


A surgeons job is to follow the specific outlined tasks that were set in the patents pre-surgery apointments. The surgeon  is responsible for completing the full operation as carfully as possible while not taking to much time to keep blood loss levels low. The main goal during an operation is keeping the patient safe.


The education needed for being a surgeon are a doctors degree and a basic medical degree with the principles of medicin and surgery. They will also need a few more years of surgical training.

The Technology skills need for being a surgeon are knowing how to recive orders over a computer and being able to analyze data on a computer. You also need to know how to operate mechanical intruments during lazer surgery or using technology based insruments with care and knowing how to operate them.

The abilities will need to include staying focused and being able to manage time well.


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