Shruti Mishra

My Tackk!

I know that this picture is really disgusting, but after when you see my edited one you will be amazed of what I have done.

When I was doing editing this picture, I thought I  should make it scary, so I did and it's looks so cool.

Know this is my original picture and that's all I have to say.

This is my original picture, that has been edited.

As you can see in this picture it has a scary look and well the picture I chose foes well with it.

This is my last picture  and when you scroll down to see my last but not least edited picture, I have to say that it looks really bright.

this is my last photo, and I have to say that it looks really colourful, cool and AMAZING.


this is my last photo and it looks really cool, colourfulot to forget amazing

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