Hugo Chavez
by Syneca Milan

1) All About The Man!

After taking office in 1999, Hugo Chavez sought out to change the constitution to better the lives of their people and to keep the negative outsiders away. During his term for office, George Bush had gone to war in Iraq, Hugo took this move as the US taking advantage of their powers. Hugo let GWB know about his hatred for the US by saying on television that he was an Evil Imperialist. He discovered he had Cancer in 2011 and had a 3 surgeries between 2011 and 2012, later passing away in 2013.

2) No one leads like Hugo leads!

  • Hugo Chavez was a leader in the most blunt and straight forward form. He hated Former President George Bush with a burning passion and even made Fox News know it. This man was a man of military background, a man of thoughtfulness, a man of happiness and a man of pride. He took these poverty stricken people and made them prideful, American hating citizens.

3) You go dude!

4) Essential Question

What is the real reason why Venezuela happened to have a huuuuge poverty drop that occurred around the same time that Hugo gained power?