Immigration: The Borders

"The kind of community that people dream of rich and poor, brown yellow, red, white, all living together," Danza Indigenas.

1. How have immigration policy and laws been influenced by race in America?

It is all seen in such a negative light. From its past till present time. It actually seems more difficult for people to try to come to a country where they believe they can get a, “better life.” Immigrants end up being treated more unfairly because they undocumented. For example, such as Hispanic and Latins.

2. How is American immigration of the 19th and 20th century similar to and different from immigration today?

Immigrants of the 19th and 20th centuries compare to today’s immigrants to America in similarities such as that people are still constantly entering the United States. That is something that has not changed whether people are entering legally or illegally. The difference would be how immigrants have been treated. There has been some improvement, where immigrants are not taken from their country and sold into labor today in America compared to before. There has also been a difference in immigration today in America that has now more specifically targeted Latin/Hispanic people.

3. How have race, racism, the media and politics help frame the way we discuss immigration today in America?

Because of race, racism, media, and politics, there are much more stereotypical biases where society believes a group of people are all illegal. Americans tend to believe a lot of what is shown in the media. For example, when media portrays how Hispanics are always crossing the border illegally and sometimes carrying illegal substances. They are stereotyped in a negative light, so it gives a discussion about how there should be more preventative ways to block these types of people from the United States.

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2 years ago

I really liked your presentation! The beginning picture just reinforces that we are the land of the free, and of the brave, but unfortunately the opportunity is set for certain people.