Ancient japan

Japan is a great country. They have amzing fashion sense. Japan's art and architecture draw tourist every year. Literature was a important thing to Japan. There nobles took great care with how they spoke and wrote. The visual arts included calligraphy and architecture. Japan's performing arts included drama, musician, and arcrobats.  They also had plays when skillful actors mimicked each other those where called noh. Buddhism was their main religion. The Japan created a new type of Buddhism was called pure land buddhism. It didn't reqire any special rituals.

       Japan fashion was very unique. They had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry. They loved elaborate outfits. Women wore long gowned made of 12 layers of colored silk cleverly out and folded to show many layers at once Nobles also carried decorative fans. These fans were painted with flowers, trees, and birds. They also attached flowers and long silk cords to their fans.

      Nobles took great care of how they spoke and wrote   Writing was very popular expectically for the women. Many women write diaries and journals about their life at court. The women carefully chose their words to make writing look beautiful. Men wrote in Chinese when women write in Japanese. Most of the greatest writers were women.

    Most popular art was calligraphy and architecture. The nobles likes paintings that illustrated stories.  Other scenes show nature or even court like   They painted on doors and furniture not on paper. A calligraphy was a decorative writing. They spent hours on carefully coping poems. They wanted their poems to look as beautiful as they sounded.

       The people of Japan worked hard to make the city beautiful   Greatly admired Chinese building styles. These styles featured buildings with wooden frames were left unpainted to look natural. Nobles surrounded buildings with elegant gardens and ponds.

         The roots of later Japan drama can be traced down. People often gathered to watch performances by musicians jugglers and acrobats. These performances were wild and fun especially the plays when actors skillfully mimicked other people.  These types of plays developed more drama were called noh. Noh plays combined music speaking and dance. Often plays about great Herod or figures.

    Pure land Buddhism didn't require any special rituals. They chanted the name over and over to acheve an enlightened state. Zen popular form believed neither faith nor good behavior led to wisdom. Instead they should practice self discipline   

   Genii traced life and adventure especially in love.  He was a favorite son of emperor. Mother is only a commoner so he can't inherit the throne. He passes it to his first to his half brother and then to his own son.

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