Brighton Beach Memoirs

the great depression

The Great Depression started from 1929-1939. it was the biggest fall the economy had encountered. It happened after the stock market crash in 1929. It had wiped out millions of investors and many of the people with less. Wealthy people really didn't get affected by it. But it affected lots of family's in many ways because of the dramatic loss of income. Children,wife's and anyone in the household would have to work to make ends meet.

Colleges in the 1930's

I believe that Eugen would like to go to UTEP for college. The UTEP mascot is a miner. Tuition in the 1930's was 400$, and the room and board was 520$. Books were 35$. There is a big major difference in the prices now of college tuition, books and rooming. Compare to now you pay more than a 1000$ just for tuition. Imagine getting around town you'd need a car and with cars comes gas. Cars were just berly even 1,500$. Now a days cars are like 50,000$. Gas back then was cents. now you pay like up to 4.00$. In the 1930's you could stock up on food. only a couple cents for bread, milk, cleaning needs, and just groceries in general. If now you wanna buy a gallon on milk there goes like 3.00 right there.

Stans Apology letter

Dear Mr. Strohelm

    I dont want to come off as spaz type of guy or nothing. But i just want to say, im sorry boss. i was just trying to be a good guy. I understand it wasn't  any onf my business now sir im so sorry.

     i know you probably hate me and dont want me back there. But i promise!  I will never disrespect you in any way. Just please boss rehire me ! I will do whatever you need!

    I dont mean to tell you this for pitty or sympathy but boss i need this job. Like desperately. My family, you dont understand. They need this extra money. If it was your family, wouldnt you do anything for them?  Well by this job this is the anything i can do. If you rehire me sir you have no idea what good youd be doing.

Broadway show

*First show was April 2003.

*There ticket prices are 85.00-113.00$.

*By the end of 2013, the global phenomenon will have been performed in more than 100 cities in 13 countries around the world.

*It takes a lot to put the show on every night. Literally. The electronics department uses enough power to supply approximately 12 homes