Thunder Storms.

Thunder Storms are heavy rain with fast wind and lightning. Sometimes hail.

A bad thunder storm.

How Does A Thunderstorm Form?

Its formed by a Cumulonimbus, Producing Gust of winds, Heavy rain. You need moisture to make a cloud and rain, witch makes a thunderstorm. The average speed temp. is 5 to 25 mph. Most of the time the air is hot and moist.

Historical Thunderstorms.

In Texas May,5 1995- More than 100 people were injured. Total damage was $2 billion. On September 21, 1938, 568 People died The total damage was $308 million

Impact On Thunderstorms.

Avoid electrical appliances running water and phone lines. Go inside if in a thunderstorm. Make sure you have flashlights water and more stuff like an emergency kit. Stay away from windows if hailing because it could brake your windows and with the heavy wind speed it could blow all the glass and hail at you, You could get hurt.


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