My indian tribe assignment

Q1. Artic Ice lands They followed the lakes. Q2. Most populated Canada and Greenland. Q3.Cold  Q4. Inuit  Q5. Sea mammals berries and land animals.  Q6. By tracking animals  Q7. Bows and Spears.  Q8. Men  Q9. Most was eaten raw. Q10.  Igloos they used in the winter. Q11. Yes  Q12. Igloo-Ice Wigwams- young saplings and birch wood. Q13. Winter-Sled dogs Summer-Canoes. Q14. Yes they were nomadic to follow food and water. Q15.  Animal Skin.  Q16. Parka and animal skins.  Q17. Caribou skin parka.  Q18.  In the winter they wear warmer cholthes in the summer they wear less warmer cholthes. Q19. Tools they made with stone and animals bones. Q20. They believed in animism. Q21. Yes  Q22. Some hunt some tell rules.  Q23. They were social.  Q24.  The kneel jump and the airplane. Q25. They do make some things.

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