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May 8, 2015

Grouping and Student Voice

Need a fabulous management tool to ensure engagement and check for understand? Mrs. Williams has just the strategy for you. She uses a set of colored cards at groups to give students the opportunity to express understanding, ask questions, and work as a team to problem solve. If a group has their card on 'green,' everyone in the group is understanding what is going on. If a student at the table flips the card to 'yellow,' that means they are confused about something, but they are seeking the clarification from other group members. If the group's card is on 'red,' then no one at the table knows the answer, and the teacher's assistance is needed. What a fabulous way to give students a voice, an opportunity to ask questions, but most importantly seek guidance from other students! How many times has a student asked you a question that another student could have easily answered for them? This is another way to encourage team work.


Ron Berger writes in, The Leaders of Their Own Learning, "Celebrations of learning opportunity for students to reflect and assess themselves. The event gives them the opportunity to say, 'These are the standards we met, here's the work I did that proves I met them.' This is powerful self-knowledge." Saturday, the JCHS Fashion classes celebrated their hard work.

Mrs. Shamwell's Fashion classes participated in a JCHS Fashion Show. Outfits were created by the students in their fashion classes. Each student modeled her ensemble. They celebrated their year long work in creating their outfits. Senior Waynetta Gordon organized and choreographed the show.

Waynetta was awarded a full internship with Model Haven Boutique. She will assist the designer this summer in designing and promoting her swimsuit line. She will also travel to Houston to help promote the line.

Go Jets!

Ground Control to Major Tom

The JCHS Aero Engineering class is making a ground mapping robot which they affectionately call, Jeffrey. The program maps out the terrain which navigates the robot. The robot is a satellite orbiting a planet, collecting data and sending it back to ground control who they affectionately call, Mr. Fredrick. More experiments and simulates to follow.

Pilot's Lounge

What to grade your finals in seconds? Blake Harvard showed us how in this week's lunch and learn. Zipgrade allows you to print out your own custom scan trons and use the app on your phone or Ipad to grade your exams in seconds. Item analysis is available as well. Not only can you see the percentage of correct answers for each question, you have access to individualized reports on student test progress. It also takes a picture of the test, so there are no questions about what a student originally wrote. The fist 100 scans are free, so try it for free with your finals. Year's membership is only $6.99! Who wouldn't pay that for scan trons, easy grading and item analysis reports? Click the link below to try Zip Grade.

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