"Vicious" Vicky Van der Vermin

The Story of a Misunderstood Monster


Vicky is a six foot tall monster with thick, curly gold hair. She sports pink horns on her head that she would one day like to get pierced. Being a teenage monster, Vicky is very into appearances. That is why her hair is always in a perfectly hairsprayed twirl on the top of her head without a hair out of place and her eye makeup is always done to a tee.

Vicky's Story

Vicky Van der Vermin lives is just your normal teenage monster living in the bustling state of Wisconsin. All Vicky has ever wanted was to be treated like a normal human kid but due to her strict parents she has been forced to live a lonely, monster life instead. This makes Vicky very upset so she decides to break the rules one night and sneak out of her house and into town to see how the humans live. She finds herself at the local school where the students are having a dance. This is the perfect opportunity for her to be like a normal kid and make some friends! Sadly it doesn't work out that way...

Vicky barges into the gymnasium, incorrectly judging her size and breaking off  chunks of the wall as she goes.

But the worst was yet to come. When Vicky started dancing the ground began to shake, throwing all of the kids to the floor.

Vicky kept dancing and dancing and soon the school was in shambles around her and the kids were all running away to safety. Being as sheltered as she was, Vicky thought they were trying to play a friendly old game of tag with her. So away she ran through the streets chasing after the group of students while they tried to hide. She screamed and laughed while she ran alarming the kids even further and alerting the sleepy townspeople of the chaos happening on their own doorsteps. And that's when the mob formed, swarming Vicky and putting a stop to her "play time".

Vicky's parents soon found out about their young daughters actions and they went down to save her, frightening the townspeople even more. From then on out, no person ever ventured to the top of the hill where Vicky and her family secluded themselves too. They were so scared of the monsters that they even put barriers up to prevent them from coming down into the town again.

And that is how the sweet monster Vicky, a girl who only wanted to live a normal life, gave herself the reputation of "Vicious Vicky".

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