Bosnian war/genocide

The civil war started in 1992 and was started because the Serbs and Croats wanted to split Bosnia up respectively for Serbia and Croatia. The national leader of Siberia, Slobodan Milosevic, wanted a "greater Siberia". The Croats and Muslims were afraid that their land would be taken if they stayed a part of Yugoslavia and called for Bosnian independence. Under the leadership of Radovan Karadzic a renegade army started to "cleanse" large areas of non-Serb people, it was later declared a genocide. The Serbs also sieged Sarajevo, leaving a large group of Muslim and Serbs without many resources. The siege lasted 43 months and 12,000 people died in result. While that was happening ethnic cleansing was happening to create a "pure" Serbian territory. In late 1995 NATO starts air strikes after the Serbs don't let go of Sarajevo. An agreement is met later. NATO sends 60,000 troops in to peace keep, ending the war.

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