Kids Birthday Party Gifts

Actually, kids do love birthday parties! Ice cream! Noisy games! Goody bags! Birthday Cake!

For single moms, birthday party gifts can be a challenge. Besides to serve as scheduler and chauffer, mom also has to provide the birthday boys or girls with presents. Our surveys show that the average child goes to as many as 20 parties per year, and the average price of a present is between $10-$20, the expense can go up fast. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the time and stress of picking out gifts, wrapping and chauffeuring.

We can help you with some ideas for the birthday party gifts. Moms who have the birthday challenge under control tell us many of the same things. Here are their four top tips:

Pick out two or three different presents for boys and girls. Don’t forget to buy them in quantity, especially if they’re on sale. Wrap everything at the same time and replenish your stock when it drops. No more rushing!

Had better buy things that continue sets or collections many kids already have, such as Bakugan, LEGO, Hot Wheels, Barbie. Because a little investment can add a lot of value.

Consider things like Frisbees, board games, sports toys and classic toys—things that are fun, and that kids can’t have too many of.

These are your kids’ peers. If your kids think something is cool, it’s probably cool for their friends. Let them help with the shopping—and the wrapping and the card as well. It’s never too early to teach and reinforce good social skills.

For example:
For boys:
Street Car Micro Motors By MEGA
Price: $6.99. For ages 6-10
A new collection of motorized mini cars that let kids build and create crashing, smashing mayhem. How much fun is that?

For girls:
Barbie Happy Birthday Doll By Mattel
Price: $17.99. For ages 3-7
Since the average girl has more than six Barbies, this one can be a special addition to a little girl’s collection.

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