Do Spirits and Demonic Creatures Exist? 

Kristina Tuck & Audrey Carter

Are Spirits Real???

Idea 1:

There are many sightings of haunting s everywhere. One interesting one stems from Greensboro, North Carolina. The tale is called the "Greensboro Haunting". It's about a girl that was killed in a car wreck and now her spirit has been spotted on many occasions and this is her story.

"There has said to have been the ghost of a beautiful young girl who has been appearing near Greensboro since 1923. She stands next to the US Highway 70 Underpass in a white evening gown and waves frantically for someone to stop and pick her up.
Those hapless travelers who do are introduced to a young woman who says her name is Lydia and she always ask them to please take her to an address in High Point. She always tells them that she has spent the evening at a dance in Raleigh and is anxious to get home, having run into car trouble on the way.
Just as the drivers approach the house, the girl always vanishes from their car, never opening the door and getting out.... just simply there one minute and gone the next!

Those drivers who go on to inquire at the house are always told the same thing... that Lydia died in a car wreck many years ago, coming home from a dance in Raleigh and perishing at the US Highway 70 underpass."

"Greensboro is located in the north central part of North Carolina and the infamous underpass can be found on Highway 70, between Greensboro and High Point."

Idea 2: Mediums tell people about their departed loved ones who have past on to the afterlife. One example of how spirits can be proven real is how Theresa Caputo explains how the life of some of the people's departed love ones are. In one of her episodes she explained how she could taste blood. This person's loved one was murdered so this could prove how people can prove that spirits and demons are real. Situations that can make people not believe that spirits and demons are not real include when people say that things are making things move in their house and it really turns out to be something else and not a ghost.

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