Dodging Diet Coke

Most people believe that diet coke actually improves your health, but we did lab showing the exact opposite. Diet Coke in fact doesn't improve your health ,but it actually causes more problems for your digestive system. Here's what we found out.

For our lab we decided to show the negative affects diet coke has on the stomach. We used pig stomach since the human digestive system is similar tithe digestive system of the pig. We began by taking three pieces of stomach, and dipping them into vegetable oil ( to replace the mucus coating the stomach naturally has) and putting them into three different samples of diet coke.

3 coke samples.

Each cup was filled with 200mL of content. The first cup was filled completely with diet coke. The second contained 150 mL of diet coke and 50 mL of water. While third cup was filled with 100 mL of diet coke and 100 mL of water.

Experimental Data:

After the first day of the stomach being left in the cup of diet coke. We decided to the the stomach.


100% Diet Coke- 16.4g

75% Diet Coke- 10.1g

50% Diet Coke- 24.4g

The second day (last experimental day):

100% Diet Coke- 16.4g

75% Diet Coke- 10.1g

50% Diet Coke- 24.8g



On the second day both the 100% and 75% sample stayed the same weight. while the 50% sample gained .4 grams of weight. That means the stomach in the 100 mL of diet coke and 100 mL of water was able to observe the fluids while the other stomachs who had a higher percentage of diet coke were not able to observe the fluids.

After Trial:

The remainder of content left inside the cup after the lab

100% Diet Coke- 200 mL of content left

75% Diet Coke- 200mL of content left

50% Diet Coke- 197 mL of content left

As you can see the two samples with higher percentages of diet cokes has more damages shown to the two stomachs. The two stomachs can't hold the amount of toxins so they are starting to tear.


Looking at the picture above you can see that the stomach that was placed into 100 mL of diet coke and 100 mL of water looks significantly better than the other two samples.


In conclusion diet coke is not healthy (at least for your stomach) at all. Diet coke may help you lose weight by not in the way you were hoping for. Diet coke, especially at high amounts can tear the linings of your stomach and cause damage to your digestive system. So next to you're thinking about drinking a diet coke, drink something that your body can actually absorb, water!

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