Email Etiquette Notes

Mackensie Renner

  • When you are writing an email you need to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. This tip is important because it makes it look more professional for a job or even if you are sending it to a teacher.
  • Use a meaningful subject because then the reader will know what the question or message is mainly about.
  • You should read the email before you send it to make sure everything is understandable and appropriate.
  • Always include your name instead of your username for another website because the person you are sending the email to might not know your username for another website and they might not answer back because they don't know who it is.
  • Use a professional font because if you don't then it could be hard to read and if it is hard to read then it could be hard to understand.
  • Always include a greeting so that the person that you are emailing feels important and knows that you are taking time and putting thoughts in the email.
  • Use a positive tone like WHEN I Finish my assignment versus IF I finish my assignment.
  • When emailing a teacher always put your name, period, and what the email is specifically regarding the subject.

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