Reflections on our two years
of eMINTS training . . .

What emotions were you feeling or what thoughts were running through your mind when we met for our first night of eMINTS training?

What has been your toughest challenge during these past two years?

What are you most anxious about moving forward?

What has been your greatest success?

Who has been your biggest supporter?

How have the others in our group impacted you or helped you throughout this process?

What is one module activity, tactic, or strategy that sticks out in your mind?

What activity, strategy, tactic, or module would you rather forget?

What is your favorite training memory?

Now that we're at the
end of this journey . . .

What emotions are you feeling or what thoughts are running through your mind?

What advice would you give to other teachers who are about to
begin eMINTS training?

Are there any final thoughts you'd like to share?

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