Math II Unit 1 Project:
Full Stop Ahead

MaryAnn Hawks

Activity 1: Table and Graph

This is a table of the stopping distances when going a certain speed.

This is my Table. It lists the stopping distance of different speeds with the same reaction time.

This is my graph.  It shows how speed affects stopping distances.

Activity 2:  Table and Questions

This is my table.  It lists wet and dry roads can also affect the stopping distance.

I think that the reason the speed didn't double when the skid mark lengths did is because as shown in the first graph and chart, stopping distances do not double when speed does.  If the length does not double with the speed, then I would assume that speed would not double with length, but increase just as the lengths did with the speed in the first graph and chart.

Activity 3:  Reasoning

The safe distance between cars is 15 feet (about 1 car length).  That means that the car has to stop within 135 feet.  For this to happen, the cars maximum speed would 90 MPH.

This is my table I used to find out the maximum speed the car could travel to have a safe stopping distance.

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