Making a Star Chart

My preliminary drawing of the constellations.

1) I mapped out the stars and linked together the constellations. (I used a modern star map, while Romans would have actually drawn what they saw in the sky.)

2) I used watercolor to paint some of the constellations and what they are supposed to depict. (Roman crafters would have spent weeks intracately decorating and flourishing each picture.)

3) I then aged the paper using tea leaves and water. (In an ancient map, this process would have occurred naturally over thousands of years.)

4) I hot-glued two wooden dowels to each end of the star chart. (Ancient Romans would have used high quality fabric canvas and ornate metal handles instead of paper and wood.)

5) I rolled up my star chart and fastened the scroll with some dried husk. (Romans may have stored this completed product in a library that would have had "cubby holes" for differrent scrolls.)

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