Energy webquest BY JADA PETERSON

1.  What are three interesting uses for petroleum? What are three other uses that are very important to us?

Petroleum is used to make synthetic material such as plastic and chemicals.  Petroleum is also used to make Detergent and Fertilizer.

2. According to the Department of Transportation, how many gasoline and diesel-fueled motor vehicles are currently on U.S.roads?

2,531,199 motor vehicles are currently on the U.S. roads.

3. According to the Census Bureau, how many people currently live in the U.S.? What is the current global population? What percent of people all live in the U.S.?

Currently 318,072,194 people live in the U.S. The global population is 7,167,093,339.  5% of the world lives in the U.S.

4. Globally, how much crude oil was produced daily in 2012?

86152 thousand barrels were produced daily in 2012.

5. How much crude oil did the U.S consume each day in 2012?

18555 thousand barrels that the U.S. consumed each day in 2012.

6. Base on #4 and 5 what percent of the worlds crude oil is consumed by the U.S?

The U.S consumed about more than 19.8% of crude oil.

7. Based on the your calculations from#3, complete the following statement: The U.S is home to 5% of the world's population, yet consumes 19.8% of the world's crude oil.

8. What was the global daily consumption of crude oil in 2012?

1389.4 thousand barrels was the global daily consumption of crude oil in 2012.

9. Based on #8, what was the total amount of crude oil consumed globally for all of 2012?

The total amount of crude oil consumed globally for all of 2012 was 1389.4 thousand barrels.

10. According to BP, the top oil producing company in the U.S., what is the size of the world's oil reserves?

The size of the world's oil reserves is 72.6% and that has increased 26% and is nearly 350 billion barrels.

11. Based on the data from #9 and #10 above, and assuming constant production and no change in the size of global reserves, how many years should our current endowment of crude oil last?

The endowment of crude oil will last 52.9 years.

12. According  to the image below, during which decade did global oil discovery peak?

In 1960 global oil discovery peaked.

13. According to the Energy Information Administration, when did U.S. crude oil production peak?

U.S crude oil production peaked in 1971.

14.  In 2012, what percentage of our crude oil was imported from other countries, according to the EIA?

About 57% of crude oil processed in U.S. refineries was imported.

15. Why is it disadvantageous that the U.S. imports crude oil from others countries?

It was disadvantageous that the U.S. imported crude oil because the U.S had to use all that money for crude oil at there lowest level.

16.According to the U.S. Department of Energy, when is the global petroleum production peak expected to occur? What is the prediction made by the International Energy Agency?

The global petroleum production peak is expected to occur in year 2025.

17. What effect will the global petroleum production peak have on the world?

The global petroleum peak will effect the world by having an increase of petroleum will leave a lot of petroleum for the world to consume.

18. Do you anticipate the U.S becoming energy independent over the next decade?

Yes because the U.S will probably have enough energy to give out to other countries in the next decade.

19. The video gave some good points and i think we should spend more time on thinking about energy. Also I would recommend that we should find other ways to make crude oil so that we sell oil out of the country. Then also we can try to make more renewable resources so that we can have an long supply of.

20. President Obama we should make people more aware of energy and the energy sources and try to have more jobs to created renewable resources.

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