Rachel Joyce

robert writing letters to his sister

Robert is writing to his sister telling her about his trip to the north pole, when he finds a man out on the ice chasing after something. The man is going to tell Robert a story.


when the Frankensteins where helping in need families. they came cross Elizabeth who they took home and raised. victor treated her as if she was his. to protect, love, etc.


victor went off to college, he was very into finding out how to bring the dead back to life

victors lab

victipr spent many months in his lad trying to figure out how to make the dead come back. and he did

its alive

the monster came to life, victor got scared and ran away

all alone

the monster was lonely. victor ran away fome him.

killing random people

the monster is killing people because he is sad.


the monster asks victor for a compainion

the monster finds victor, but victor is with Robert and tells him to search for the monster and kil him. the monster is there and the monster kills himself because his life is pretty much over

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