Land for Sale

Rich soil

This is the farm with a great veiw

About this farm
By joey Zhang
Writtn by scribe: Bob


          Come to the Tigris river!For sale rich soil to plant crops with the best water source to live your dreams to plant your crops.On top of that we have 3 farmers hired for you to have to help you out.I have gained very wealthy with this farm I guarantee you it is huge! In addiction we have tool that come with the farm too! The land is all by the rivers we have plenty of water source and stable food supply to live on from our irragation system and our domesticate animals to help us. As I mentioned before we have fine soil! All by the Tigris river.

You will have a great time here you advantage is that you have a good transportation to the city state to get to the people to sell your crops and you don't have many other people selling around you so its very easy to make money! You could always join our culture.Anyways We have fore sale Cuneiform signs for you!

Our empire is organize by our king Hammurabi he is very wise he has made laws to help the people civilize so everybody is efficient and hard working on everything. In addition since he made the laws people cant do whatever they want they have to not fight and settle down King Hammurabi made it so that everybody settles down. On top of that He is very educated and always wins in wars he is a great leader!We have a great empire called the Babylonians empire! Will you buy our land? You will be on a significant journey on selling scrumptious food to everybody! I promise you will have a phenomenal experience!

                                   I will have a IV $ sign

By the Tigris river my names joey find me!!!

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