Procyon A

Picture of Procyon A

Stars are a very unique thing in our galazy and there is a lot we can find out about them such as their specefic features. One Very interesting star that is relatively close to earth is procyon A. Accordinging to actual distance of the star it doesn't seem that close to use at a woping 11.4 light years away. This taken into the proportion of the galaxy let alone the universe which is expanding at a exponential rate. Stars are far from our perspective but quite small in lamens terms.

This Star is a while dwarf and if you can guess it the color of the star is white. Since this star is white and white stars are normally hot and this one is about 6350 kelvin. 6350 kelvin roughly is about 10970.3 fahrenheit which is something you shouldnt touch. This much heat could only come from something pretty big. This star is approzimately 1.7 AU long. This star is pretty cool because it has another "Brother" star that is not to fat away called Procyon B.

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