Susan Eloise Hinton

by Catalina Martinez, Josefina Olguin and Agustina Santana

S.E. Hinton is an American writer born in 1950. She mainly writes young adult fiction and is most known for writing "The Outsiders".

As a child living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was often bored, so she found a new way to channel her boredom: reading and writing. She wanted to write realistic works to show the environment she was living in, and so, at age fifteen, she began writing one of her bestsellers: "The Outsiders". The story tells about the Socs and the Greasers, who were often fighting against each other. On graduation day, she received a call from a publisher about her work. "The Outsiders" was published by Viking Press in 1967, when she was just seventeen.

After the publishing of her first work, she was acclaimed as "the voice of the youth" and had much success, but fame at such an early age also had some negative impacts. She had a three-year-long writer's block until she got married in 1970. Her husband, David Inhofe, made her write at least two pages a day, which led to her writing another book: "That Was Then, This Is Now". Published in 1971, it shows how to foster brothers, Byron and Mark, go separate ways, one choosing drugs, and the other school.

Four years later, she wrote "Rumblefish", and in 1979, she published "Tex". The latter was very well received.

In 1983, her son was born and S.E. Hinton began to work with movies. That same year, The Outsiders' movie was released and in 1985 the movie for That Was Then, This Is Now.

She received the Young Adult Services Division of the American Library Association and School Library Journal award in 1988 and also published "Taming The Star Runner".

Because she began to develop her own family, in 1995, she wrote her first non-young-adult book: "The Puppy Sister". It was aimed at kindergarten-age children along with "Big David, Little David".

In short, S.E. Hinton wrote books which showed quite punctually the reality of a certain time and place, engaging readers and teaching them a lesson.

Tagxedo- The Outsiders movie trailer.

There was a guy named Sheldy Sheldon. He was going to buy cigarettes at the corner store. Actually, he didnĀ“t like smoking because it made his lungs wheeze (he had asthma), but he was going to get some for his friends in order to not be an outsider. So, with the little money he had, he bought a pack and some candy for himself. But then, as he was getting out, he got jumped by the mean, tough, boys from the other side of town, who stole the cigarettes and punched him until dropped to the ground, paralized with pain. His real ''friends'' weren't aware of the danger their friend was in. As time passed, nobody could find Sheldy Sheldon, who ended in the hospital. His family were the first to visit him, sick with worry. Later came his "friends", who realized that they had to put an end to all this violence from the differences they had with the other boys. Their hate had to be channeled in a different way, so they gathered that night, and wrote Sheldy Sheldon a novel, which expressed the pain he had suffered and the regret they felt for not being there for him. He was very relieved when they apologized, and agreed that they should begin to have more peaceful approaches concerning the other boys. It worked: the calmer they were, the fewer the problems.

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