This is a grate book and I think every body will love. The book is about a boy that loves to play football and his name is Lucas. But when he gets concussion so his mother takes him to the doctor and the doctor says he can't play football anymore. So he goes to his uncles and thinks that he can fix it but he soon realizes is stuck it the middle of 9/11.

   one plane crashed into one of the towers was hit by a plane. then boom another plane hit the second tower all the wile Lucas was doing dishes at the fire station. When he herd the fire fighters where going in he ran out to fined his dad and his uncle, the other guys he ran out of the station. When he got close a crowed was formed around around the towers. A part of land gear. Lucas went to the sea grave to see if he could find his dad and if he was not there he would stay there and wait for him there for him. When he was on his way a police man was trying to keep people from heading south so he went north but Lucas snuck passed the cop and found his dad and helped save lots of people and end the end got to play football again. Only because his mom thought he could do it and he played like never before.

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