The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Barbara

Option For The Poor and Vulnerable

There is rich and poor people in the world. We should start to help the poor more often and make the rich and poor equal. We can do this in many various ways by giving the poor what they need to live.

This organization is for people who are currently experiencing homelessness or who has been homeless before. This organization practice's justice by them trying to prevent and end homelessness and working on the needs of homeless people. Also it is helping people who are experiencing homelessness currently and bringing them to their civil rights.  

Care For God's Creation

We, as people of God, are called to take care of God's creation. We should care for the planet and our people. We should all live in agreement not war.

This organization helps out by making sure that the Earth is clean. Making sure that everyone is healthy and that the  Earth is clean.

    Life and Dignity Of The Human Person

We should all care for others and respect one another. We should make sure that everyone is okay and not dealing with life struggles.

This organization make sure's that everyone is making good decision's and that everyone is feeling okay. People need to be more taken care of and need help making life decision's and that's what this organization does.

Call To Family, Community, and Participation

We should all make sure we are all following the rules of marriage. We should have people all have a chance in Society.

Saint Bonaventure is a organization that helps the society. This organization helps marriages and people.

Rights and Responsibilities

Every human has the right to have the things everyone needs in order to survive. Without these things it is unfair to the people who cannot afford to get all the stuff they need in order to survive.

This organization mission is to make sure everyone has everything they need to survive such as food, clothing, and shelter. This organization is very important to justice because without this some people would not be here right now.


Solidarity means promoting peace in a world full of fighting. We should all start becoming peaceful with each other instead of fighting. Agree more and disagree less with one another.

This organization makes people become more peaceful. Peace action helps the world by promoting peace everywhere. Without this organization we wouldn't have any source to stop fighting.  

The Dignity Of Work and the Rights Of Workers

Every worker should be given equal rights. They should be treated fairly not poorly. This means that every worker in the world should be given fair rights. And be treated like a human not an animal.

Fair labor helps the world by giving everyone their rights. If we didn't have them today we wouldn't equal rights in working.

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