Welcome To 5 Star Airlines!

Hi welcome to 5 star airlines as you already know the 6b airport is being demolished so we need to sell as much tickets as possible and give our passengers the best flight of their lives before we get shut down!

Why would you fly with us?

You would want to fly with us because every thing we do is five stars, even if you are flying coach you always feel like your flying first class! We have drinks on our plane, peanuts, t.v and for your safety we have extra seat belts, and we also have a library just in case kids or grownups want to read!


Pets - we have a special compartment for pets, if you have a small pet then it can stay in a place beside you , if you have a big pet then it can stay in a compartment at your feet

Health tips - Carry your medication with you - If you are very sick please delay your flight - Wear loose comfortable clothing that you have already worn before.

Children and infants - if a child is unaccompanied we have a grown up come and sit with them.
During the flight - Try to walk around often - Try not to eat a lot - Drink water and fruit juice - Relax and enjoy your flight!

Here is a picture of a flight attendant helping a little boy.

Our tickets cost

Adults - $1000

Teenagers - $750

Kids - $550

Infants - $100 - for strollers

canadian inventions/inventors

The jetliner - The first jetliner was designed by James Floyd in 1949

Variable Pitch Aircraft Propeller - Invented by Walter Rupert Turnbull in 1922

Billy Bishop - Was a Canadian First World War flying ace.

George Beurling - Was a Canadian Second World War flying ace.

properties of air

Bernoulli's principal - Faster moving air has low pressure - Air wants to move from high

pressure to low pressure. This principal is used to create lift on the wings of an airplane.

Newtons third law - Action: The air moves backward. Reaction: The balloon moves forward.

This is bernoullis principle


our airline has very strict safety rules so please make sure that your child is not running up and down the plane, do not use your device while the plane is in the air because you may cause a delay or a disturbance or you can put it in airplane mode. Please do not let your child stand up on the seat during the flight and please do not trow anything around the plane. Please keep your pets in their compartment please don't let them loose. please don't bring any weapons on the plane or you will be sitting with security and we will make arrangements to take you off.

How are we Eco friendly?

we are eco friendly because we are a zero emissions that means our airplane will release no green house gases, so it wont effect the ozone layer.


thank you for choosing 5 star airlines as your transportation to all over the world. please tell everybody that we are the best and that if they choose our airline then they will have the flight of their lives.

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