Part 8: Unpacking Standards
By:Gabrielle Davis

Summary: I think it was about drinking water and drinking water standards.It's talking about how we can drink water now.It's also talking about the clean water act.

three links:

Three pictures:

My opinion: Because we need to drink water everyday to live.

Five Test Questions:
1.Why is it that we need water everyday?

2.How does industrial waste pollute the air?

3.Explain what is industrial waste?

4.Give 2 examples of reverse osmosis is.

5.Compare and Contrast breathing and carbon absorption.

Three people:Desmond Barnes,Jaylen Pryor, and Nys Hargrove

Nys:Needed proper spelling

Desmond:didn't have enough slides

Jalen:Needed to get to the point faster with less words.

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