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Five great educational mobile apps for students

More than ever before, students resort to their mobile devices as a means of everyday communication and social networking. As teachers, it is important to recognize this and take advantage of the opportunities mobile apps give us in order to help students in their education. Here you will find a compilation of five mobile apps students can utilize in and outside of the classroom.  

1. Cultiwords

What is it? It's a word game that contributes to the student's personal dictionary. The goal is to boosts the person's vocabulary and improve your memory.

How can I use this in class? This app will allow students to expand their knowledge of words and their meanings. It would be helpful in creating vocabulary and spelling tests.

What course(s) and grade level?: It would be most suitable for students in ELA 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1.

2. TED

What is it? TED is an app that allows users to watch videos of inspiring talks from all sorts of people, including scientists, doctors, politicians, music producers and other remarkable people. These videos are meant to spark curiosity by sharing all sorts of creative and innovative ideas.

How can I use this in class? Teachers can use TED by selecting from playlists and topics for the subjects they teach. By allowing students to watch these powerful talks, teachers can promote social change and spark conversation in the classroom.

What course(s) and grade level?: TED can be used for English, Social Studies and the Sciences and can be most suitable for grade 11 to grade 12 students.

3. How Canadian Are You, Eh?

What is it? This app tests students on their Canadian history knowledge. Each time student's take the quiz, 20 new questions are pulled from over 120 questions.

How can I use this in class? Teachers can allow students to use this in the classroom to test their knowledge on history.

What courses and grade level? This would be most suitably used for Social Studies at a high school level.

4. Khan Academy

What is it? Khan Academy is a learning medium originally created by educator Salman Khan. This app allows students to learn about any subject by watching various videos, reading articles and participating in problem solving exercises.

How can I use this in class? This app can be used in the classroom to promote student's independent learning and inquisitiveness. Teachers can use Khan Academy to create questions and have students answer them by searching the answers.

What courses and grade level? All courses and all junior high to senior high grade levels.

5. Animoto (Video Maker)

What is it? Animoto allows users to create and customize videos, photos and texts. Students can share their projects easily and is accessible through apps using Android or iOS devices.

How can I use this in class? Through Animoto, students can creatively demonstrate concepts taken from poetry, visually display memoirs, and create presentations.

What courses and grade levels? This app requires a level of maturity. This is why it is suitable for high school students in grades 11-12 in ELA or Social Studies courses.

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