Space @ Monkey Park

A new community space for eating, co-working & bicycles

What's all this about then?

Imagine a place on the corner of your street where people go to meet up, to have fun, to achieve their dreams and ambitions. A place where friendships are forged, hard work is rewarded and success is attained through community cohesion. A place where people who are driven to improve their community can start new social enterprises, mixing sustainable business with social benefits. In Chesterfield, that place is Monkey Park.

We’ve formed a new non-profit social enterprise and are planning to buy a disused shop in Chesterfield to convert it into a community hub, incorporating retail units downstairs and office space for start-up businesses upstairs. We will provide these start-up businesses with a community to work in and incubation advice & assistance.
Various social businesses who will benefit the local community will be selected for the retail space downstairs. We have already received strong indications of interest from a local bakery/cafe & cycle shop. The local community will naturally be excited, curious and we hope that many will become actively involved.

The reason for doing this? We would like to create an alternative space in Chesterfield which will enrich the community for both local residents and social entrepreneurs. Our innovative business model will also facilitate the ethically sound re-use of an existing building.

This project has been driven by various local people identifying the need for such a development in their community. It has been developed through research and visits to similar hubs in places like Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester. The initiative will be steered by a Community Interest Company whose directors will include angel investors & local business champions.

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If you have questions or would like to get involved, please call Simon on 07884 235311 or email