ET Climate Class

Huriyyah Chaudry, 5/9/2014

ET class has a Tundra Climate. Some examples of this climate are Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, Provideniya, Russia, Deception Island, Antarctica, Longyearbyen, and Svalbard. Tundra Climate is an area that lacks vegetation and is pretty much bare. Typicallly it is cold throughout the whole year, but in the summer, the climate can get a bit milder and the sun will shine 24 hours every day. Even though the sun is out all the time during the summer, the tundra areas still don't get that warm. During the winter, it can be pretty dark  for most of the season. There are bitter cold winters that take place and the temperatures don't go up to 20 F and the average -20  to -30 F. Precipitation totals up to be 6 to 10 inches and the warmest month average is below 50 F.

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