· There are many ways kidney failure can be inherited. Though the source of how it can be, is sometimes unknown.

    · A most common way to inherit it is Agent Orange from the Vietnam War.

    · Also this can be hereditary.

    · When checking to see how a person got a version of kidney failure (there are many) see if the person can figure out the name of their form so they can avoid unnecessary tests.

    · Though kidney failure is not always inherited but just passed down from a gene, or a parent having it.


    · Though it cannot be predicted or prevented, it is very possible to reduce your risk.

    · Believe it or not you can prevent it by eating right and being healthy

    · There are blood and urine tests a person can take periodically to check themselves and make sure they don’t have kidney failure.


    · By just being there for the person and supporting them and showing you love them

    · This disease is a hard thing to handle and deal with, a person going through this is stressful and an emotional rollercoaster.

    · Standing by anyone going through this emotional process, will help them in more than one way.

    · It is also stressful and emotional for the family of the person, and the best thing is to stand by one another and help one another in every way possible.

The beginning part of this tackk are parts that will be displayed on a poster board and in a power point. They are just bullet pointed facts (though not finished but soon will be). The following pictures are of a healthy kidney and a sick kidney, there will also be somewhat models made of these pictures and multiple others in the power point i plan on creating. Along with all of this will be an interview video. My product is based more on visuals and a power point and posters. To be somewhat educated on this topic, there needs to be visuals and facts.

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